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Entertaining Narratives, Exciting Gameplay,
and Hands-On Escape Room Puzzles

Welcome to KryptoScape Escape Rooms! When you walk through our doors, be prepared to be immersed in the story and theme and challenged at every twist and turn as you embark on your adventure. Our escapes are specially curated to keep you on your toes from entry to escape. We extend our welcome to everyone! Our rooms are a fantastic fit for family events, friendly outings, workplace events, and special occasions.


All escape rooms are private events.

You will only be in the room with the people you choose to invite.

Game Design

All of our escape rooms are entirely home-brewed, from concept to decor, and every puzzle has been meticulously crafted to keep you entertained and engaged.

Fun with Friends and Family

Everyone gets to have fun! We have designed our puzzle rooms to allow all ages to participate. 

Many aspects of our escape rooms encourage players to trust one another and to socialize to solve their puzzles.

Team Building

We love to WIN!

Our rooms are designed to keep everyone on the same page, and on the same level. Many aspects of our escape rooms encourage players to work together to solve puzzles.  This is a great way to build trust and socialize with your friends or co-workers.

Let's admit sometimes we just love the bragging rights to figure out that hidden clue before our friends do. Escape room puzzles bring immense satisfaction and build logic, reasoning, and confidence skills that can last a lifetime.

Our Rooms
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Difficulty Level: Medium

Game Length: 60 Minutes

Recommended Players: 3-6

Private Booking: Yes

Age Limit: 8+ and up

2-8 Players

You have been hired as a special security consulting team to help us gain access back into our museum after a rogue ex-employee locked us out. Disgruntled, or perhaps he was working for some criminal mastermind? Only you can help find out!

2-6  Players: $39 per person

7-8  Players: $37 per person


Difficulty Level: Easy/Medium

Game Length: 60 Minutes

Recommended Players: 3-6

Private Booking: Yes

Age Limit: 8+ and up

2-8 Players

After a failed attempt towards eternal life, Dr. Noxious finds himself floating through the power surges that crackle through his now-dormant laboratory. He discovers his ability to interact with certain electronics around his workshop, sending out an S.O.S. to an active radio station. You hear the call for help. Now, you and your party have come to help get Dr. Noxious out of the tech and into the mech. Power the steam engines and get the gears turning in the laboratory to transfer Dr. Noxious to his new body before it’s dismantled for parts!

2-6  Players: $39 per person

7-8  Players: $37 per person

Aunt Millie's Millions

Difficulty Level: Medium/Hard
Game Length: 60 Minutes
Recommended Players: 4-8
Private Booking: Yes

Age Limit: 8+ and up

2-10 Players

Millie Marwood was a great treasure hunter in her day and her passing left much of her fortune in the hands of fate. While some of her family made off with the gold before their untimely deaths, her most valuable belongings lay hidden somewhere in the mansion. Can you find them in time before they’re lost forever? P.S. Don't get caught trespassing after midnight! Some say the house is haunted.

2-6    Players: $39 per person

7-10  Players: $37 per person


Difficulty Level: Pending

Game Length: 60 Minutes

Recommended Players: 3-6

Private Booking: Yes

Age Limit: 8+ and up

2-6 Players

Space is dangerous! Orbiting Mars, the Kylon space station is the perfect place for advanced genetic research, out of the reach of Earth's geopolitical laws. Perhaps there is more going on there than they want us to know. Can you survive and escape the horrors that await you or get trapped and become part of the next genetic experiment?

2-6  Players: $39 per person

Age Limits

Ages 8 and up. No children under 8 will be permitted to play or allowed in the escape room.​  No exceptions. Safety first!

Teens 14-17 years of age are allowed to play without an adult in the room. The legal guardian must stay at the escape room office during play.

Children 8-13 years of age must have an adult player age 18+ supervising in the escape room at all times.


Signed legal waivers are required for all players with no exceptions.

Dress Code

Casual / Lockers are provided for free to store your extra clothing items and cell phones.


As of March 12, 2022, face masks are no longer required.


Ample free parking is available on site.

We are located in the back of the

red brick building (Lynnwood Financial Center II), next to Michaels.

No Cellphones, please!

No photos or videos while inside

the escape rooms. We like to keep

the excitement for all to come. We will gladly take photos of your groups after the escape room activity for you.


19031 33rd AVE W, Suite 100

Lynnwood, WA 98036

Parking is in the BACKSIDE of the Lynnwood Financial Center Building (4 story red brick)



(425) 324-3999

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